Portland Elf Date


Celebrating the holidays in Portland? What better way to ring a little Christmas cheer in than re-enact your favorite holiday movie- through a fabulous date with your sweetie? Here’s a fun Elf-inspired winter date idea for all of you Portland locals!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.png

Grab your spaghetti and maple syrup (just kidding, we recommend dark chocolate and red wine) and cozy up with your cutie patootie to watch the Christmas classic. When you’re done, bundle up and take a drive (or a walk) to find all the best Christmas trees! Here are some good places to look:

Peacock Lane

The malls (Lloyd, Washington Square, Clackamas)

The big one at Pioneer Square


Next, get your hand holding on while ice skating: 


Drink a crappy cup of coffee at a diner and sing a holiday duet if you’re so inclined. (Or, make your own adult hot cocoa.)


Lastly, you cannot have an Elf-inspired date without spining around in a revolving door.


Enjoy a little holiday cheer and spread it around with your person this season! Happy dating!


2016 Presidential Election Party Ideas for Hillary Supporters

Election Day 2016 is nearly here. I’m so ready for this ridiculously frustratingly long election cycle to come to a close and to (fingers crossed)  finally celebrate the election of our nation’s first ever female president! 🎉🙌😝👏


What better way to celebrate (read: wait in anxiety and trepidation for) a new era in our nation’s history (read: Hillary’s election, God help us) than with a party?

You’re going to be staring at the TV and downing rosé anyways – you mine as well be doing it with friends.

We’ve put together a few election party theme ideas to make your pro-Hillary Election Day get-together fab.

1. Pantsuits

You guessed it. Invite all your bitches over to wear their most bitchin’ pantsuits.

The most hardcore pantsuit-wearer wins a Hillary logo lapel pin to adorn their pant-fit.

2. I’m with hurr.


 What better way to support our nation’s favorite hair icon than by declaring to the world, “I’m with hurr?”

Make Leslie Knope proud by getting your hair styled by Salvatore, and award prizes for firmest hair.

3. Let’s get nasty

Invite all your bad hombres and nasty women out to watch the election goings-on and get real nasty.

Support women’s access to contraception and reproductive justice by sporting these Nasty Woman t-shirts, of which 50% of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

Reclaim “resting bitch face” with a mean muggin’ photo booth. Put together a glitzy backdrop, make your fiercest “bitch face,” and get ready for a nasty woman to make history. Notorious RBG would be proud.

4. Booze.


Why yes, booze is a party theme.

Each of us is going to need a drink on this day anyways – why not make it fun and festive, not just terror- and tear-filled?

Wash your joy and sorrow down with these Red, white and blue boozy drinks.

Get shwasted celebrating democracy by playing New American, the most confusing and patriotic drinking game made famous by New Girl. 

What are your election day party plans? Buying a Trump piñata? Crying in a bathtub? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Best Ever Date Day in NE/SE Portland

A good dating life is the bones of a good relationship. (Can I hear an Amen?) A date provides intentional time with your partner and can be that perfect excuse to pull out that little black dress that you’ve been dying to wear! 

We know that coming up with new and fresh date ideas can sometimes be a feat, so we’ve put together everything you need to enjoy a date with your love – complete with an itinerary, biking route, and playlist. You’re welcome.


Photo by Katie Dessin Photography

This date is perfect for when you have family visiting, or out of town wedding guests who are visiting for the weekend, or when you just want to get reacquainted to Portland! We’ve even given you an hour-by-hour schedule.

Each of these locations is close enough that you can bike the route! Check it out here:

A day exploring Portland would be incomplete without some moody, existential, semi-depressing local music.  Check out this vibey playlist from Portland’s own Justin Ringle and make sure you add on some Decembrists, Dandy Warhols, and Sleater-Kinney.

10AM Chai & Doughnuts from Pip’s

Pip’s is famous for their ah-mazing chai and the cutest doughnuts you’ll ever see. Get one of each flavor and have a fun morning taste testing all of them!


Photo Credit: Pips Doughnuts

11AM Shopping at Fat Fancy & Red Fox Vintage

If you love playing dress up with your boo these are the best places to go! With options for all sizes and styles, you are guaranteed to find something absolutely fabulous.


Photo Credit: Red Fox Fancy

1PM Lunch at Cheese & Crack

Do you love cheese? Have you experienced Froze? Do you love a beautifully displayed plate? If you are answering yes to any of these, do yourself a favor and go to cheese and crack for a lunch experience with your lover. Grab a tray of cheese and drink too many glasses of wine for a casual lunch date.


Photo Credit: Cheese and Crack

2:30 Games at Wunderland on Belmont, and a movie matinee at the Avalon

Laser tag, games, and movies? What more could one ask for! Get your competitive side on…and winner buys drinks?


Photo Credit: Portland Daily Photo

6PM Drinks at Angel Face

Angel Face has stellar drinks and the atmosphere boasts details that will keep your eyes intrigued, that is, when you’re not staring deep into your hunny’s.


Photo Credit: Angelface

7PM Dinner at the Doug Fir

Not only does this place boast great food, but you can catch a show too! Check out their website before you go to see what shows are playing!


Photo Credit: Doug Fir

8:30 Dessert at Rimsky’s

Known for their extravagant desserts, Rimsky’s boasts a a fun atmosphere and some quirks! Check out the attached article for all the details!

Now you have no excuses for why you and your person can’t get some one-on-one intentional time together. Remember dates are meant to provide time to focus on just you and your significant other, reminding you why you fell for them in the first place! Happy dating!

6 Wedding Planning Self-Care Strategies to Minimize Stress and Maximize Party.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most magical, treasured times of your life. Between cake tastings and vow preparation, it’s a special time to invest in your partner and yourself as you prepare to spend your lives together.

But for all it’s tulle and champagne and peonies…

Lezbehonest, wedding planning can be incredibly stressful.

Here are our favorite tips to care for yourself and truly enjoy this season

1. Imagine your wedding day and focus on a few key elements that excite you.

It can be easy to get caught up in the grind of wedding planning and forget the big picture. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine your wedding day. Imagine walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, taking a shot at the reception. What details of the day stand out to you?

For one of my brides, she most looked forward to seeing all of her family in friends in one place, for another she looked forward to sharing pizza with her partner. Maybe you look forward to wearing a sexy sequin getup.

Don’t feel pressured to invest in a dance floor or a toss bouquet if these details don’t excite you. Focus on a few key details, execute the f**k out of them, and then don’t worry about the rest.

2. De-complicate and declutter.

Think about your must-haves for your day and then ask yourself– do you really need those extra candles or favors?

If monogrammed dessert napkins are turning out to be too much of an added expense and you’ve yet to sign a contract, scrap the idea.

Remember why you’re planning a wedding, and spend your time investing where it counts.

3. Go on a date with your partner.

Set aside the spreadsheets and just have fun!

Now’s the time to drink too many margaritas, make out, and remember that all your hard work is going to pay off.

Enjoy time together and focus on WHY you’re doing this in the first place.

4. Consider ways to make the wedding experience more meaningful and personal for you.

Think creatively about what makes you you, and make sure that’s reflected in your wedding day.

Add your favorite charity to your wedding registry so your guests can make a gift donation in support of you and your favorite cause.

Ask a local food truck to drop off a midnight snack to help your guests groove through the night.

Switch up the ceremony so that it reflects your shared values and traditions.

Take full advantage of the “something borrowed” tradition, and wear a piece of jewelry or carry trinket that carries meaning for you and your family or friends.

5. Have a digital detox day.

Put away the computer, turn off the phone, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of your favorite wine and let yourself relax and know that all of your planning is going to result in a beautiful day celebrating you and your main squeeze.

Maybe even try reading to one another or meditating together

6. Know your army.


Know who you can call to vent to when something goes wrong.

Your friends and family are there to help you! Knowing who is most helpful with what will make last minute changes much easier for you to handle when you know you’re not alone.

Your wedding is your celebration, it’s meant to highlight the beauty of the love between you and your partner. So, while your in the throws of planning remember to try of a few of these tips and let loose once in a while. Heres to you and your stress-free wedding planning. Cheers!

5 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Wedding Planner

When it comes time for you to dive into planning your wedding, a mix of feelings can begin bubbling up for you and your partner. You may not know where to start, you may feel overwhelmed, or you may feel ready to start the party all at the same time! That’s where a wedding planner comes in to help. Let us share with you 5 reasons why you need a wedding planner for your special celebration.

Photo Credit: Miranda Todd Photography 


1.Hiring a wedding planner guarantees that you get to enjoy your special day! Have you ever been to a party where the host is running around the entire time putting out fires and spends no time actually enjoying her own party and guests? Using a wedding planner ensures that they will be the ones running around making sure every last detail is perfect and you get to spend your special day celebrating with your friends and family.


Miranda Todd Photography

2.Wedding planners can save you time and money. Wedding planners are industry professionals and know how to deal with vendors and ask the right questions that can save you money you didn’t even know about as well as prevent you from unnecessarily overspending. Hiring a planner may is an investment but will save you more money in other places in your wedding budget.

3.Wedding planners are there for you to do the tasks that you don’t want to do! Hiring a planner gives you assurance that the tasks leading up to the wedding will be executed to professional standards and your wedding planner will know your venders, and desires for your day like the back of their hand.


4.Wedding planners help make your vision for your day a reality. From the drawing board, your planner will be at your side helping you turn your visions of exquisite centerpieces and a killer send off to reality on your wedding day.

5.Wedding Planners help you manage difficult relationships when it comes to friends, family members, and vendors.  You’ll be grateful that you have a wedding planner to act as buffer when Aunt Sally wants to ask you a million questions about your honeymoon during the reception, or keeping your drunk college roommate from stealing the show!

When it comes time for you to celebrate your love, hiring a wedding planner should be the very first thing on your agenda. You are receiving a personal cheerleader for your special day, as well as a seasoned professional to take care of each and every detail. Planning a wedding can be a full time job so be kind to yourself and let someone else do the work.


Mother’s Day Giveaway


To the mess of women in our beloved Portland:

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. In a mere four days, we will set aside time in our lives to recognize the incredible beauty that is motherhood, in all of its joys and sorrows.

In honor of how rad moms are, this year I am partnering with Natalie Jane Photography to give away a styled shoot for one lucky mother-daughter pair out there.

To enter the contest, go onto Instagram and click on the GIVEAWAY image. The winner will be announced May 6th, 2016!

View More: http://nataliejanephotography.pass.us/mothersdayexamples

You will win a photo session for you and your mom, hair and makeup styling, two gorgeous flower crowns, and a personalized adventure for you and your mama.

View More: http://nataliejanephotography.pass.us/mothersdayexamples

I would also like to acknowledge that families come in all shapes and sizes. If Mother’s Day is uncomfortable for you but you would like to celebrate another incredible woman in your life, please do not hesitate from entering the contest!

View More: http://nataliejanephotography.pass.us/mothersdayexamples

Lastly, I just want to say that whatever your Mother’s Day looks like this year, know that you are loved and that your heart matters. Remember, you are a QUEEN!

View More: http://nataliejanephotography.pass.us/mothersdayexamples


Photo shoot must be scheduled and completed by June 30th, 2016.

Must be shot in the Portland, Oregon area, otherwise travel fees apply.

Must be up for having a very fun afternoon filled with flowers and photos!