Our Story

We love creating winsome spaces with lovely details in order to simply be with the ones we love. Our remarkable yet cozy events open doorways to intimacy and inclusion.


Justine Broughal

Justine’s career has resolved around leading social change by partnering with local community organizations to break down the structures and attitudes which perpetuate systemic oppression. She fell in love with wedding and event planning when she began planning nonprofit events in 2009, and she’s been working to reconcile her love for interrupting oppression and event planning. Besides advising couples and nonprofit organizations about best practices for socially-conscious event planning, she is an excellent stylist, planner and coordinator. Her absolute hero is Leslie Knope, which also happens to be a fond nickname.


Mike Broughal

Mike’s wedding and event career emerged in his 20’s when he was “always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” as they say. His wedding experience has ranged from officiant to musician to sound technician to best man to any and everything else in between. Mike’s role at Together Events includes technical and logistical support, wedding ceremony advising and direction, and day-of support to ensure that all the details of an event are exquisite. He is also incredible at handling stressful situations and bringing peace to an environment.