Portland Elf Date


Celebrating the holidays in Portland? What better way to ring a little Christmas cheer in than re-enact your favorite holiday movie- through a fabulous date with your sweetie? Here’s a fun Elf-inspired winter date idea for all of you Portland locals!

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.png

Grab your spaghetti and maple syrup (just kidding, we recommend dark chocolate and red wine) and cozy up with your cutie patootie to watch the Christmas classic. When you’re done, bundle up and take a drive (or a walk) to find all the best Christmas trees! Here are some good places to look:

Peacock Lane

The malls (Lloyd, Washington Square, Clackamas)

The big one at Pioneer Square


Next, get your hand holding on while ice skating: 


Drink a crappy cup of coffee at a diner and sing a holiday duet if you’re so inclined. (Or, make your own adult hot cocoa.)


Lastly, you cannot have an Elf-inspired date without spining around in a revolving door.


Enjoy a little holiday cheer and spread it around with your person this season! Happy dating!


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