2016 Presidential Election Party Ideas for Hillary Supporters

Election Day 2016 is nearly here. I’m so ready for this ridiculously frustratingly long election cycle to come to a close and to (fingers crossed)  finally celebrate the election of our nation’s first ever female president! 🎉🙌😝👏


What better way to celebrate (read: wait in anxiety and trepidation for) a new era in our nation’s history (read: Hillary’s election, God help us) than with a party?

You’re going to be staring at the TV and downing rosé anyways – you mine as well be doing it with friends.

We’ve put together a few election party theme ideas to make your pro-Hillary Election Day get-together fab.

1. Pantsuits

You guessed it. Invite all your bitches over to wear their most bitchin’ pantsuits.

The most hardcore pantsuit-wearer wins a Hillary logo lapel pin to adorn their pant-fit.

2. I’m with hurr.


 What better way to support our nation’s favorite hair icon than by declaring to the world, “I’m with hurr?”

Make Leslie Knope proud by getting your hair styled by Salvatore, and award prizes for firmest hair.

3. Let’s get nasty

Invite all your bad hombres and nasty women out to watch the election goings-on and get real nasty.

Support women’s access to contraception and reproductive justice by sporting these Nasty Woman t-shirts, of which 50% of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

Reclaim “resting bitch face” with a mean muggin’ photo booth. Put together a glitzy backdrop, make your fiercest “bitch face,” and get ready for a nasty woman to make history. Notorious RBG would be proud.

4. Booze.


Why yes, booze is a party theme.

Each of us is going to need a drink on this day anyways – why not make it fun and festive, not just terror- and tear-filled?

Wash your joy and sorrow down with these Red, white and blue boozy drinks.

Get shwasted celebrating democracy by playing New American, the most confusing and patriotic drinking game made famous by New Girl. 

What are your election day party plans? Buying a Trump piñata? Crying in a bathtub? Let us know in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Election Party Ideas for Hillary Supporters

  1. It’s my favorite when they play New American on New Girl! All great ideas, but my favorite it the pant suit competition, maybe to be followed by a pantsuit-dance-off? Thanks!


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