The Best Ever Date Day in NE/SE Portland

A good dating life is the bones of a good relationship. (Can I hear an Amen?) A date provides intentional time with your partner and can be that perfect excuse to pull out that little black dress that you’ve been dying to wear! 

We know that coming up with new and fresh date ideas can sometimes be a feat, so we’ve put together everything you need to enjoy a date with your love – complete with an itinerary, biking route, and playlist. You’re welcome.


Photo by Katie Dessin Photography

This date is perfect for when you have family visiting, or out of town wedding guests who are visiting for the weekend, or when you just want to get reacquainted to Portland! We’ve even given you an hour-by-hour schedule.

Each of these locations is close enough that you can bike the route! Check it out here:

A day exploring Portland would be incomplete without some moody, existential, semi-depressing local music.  Check out this vibey playlist from Portland’s own Justin Ringle and make sure you add on some Decembrists, Dandy Warhols, and Sleater-Kinney.

10AM Chai & Doughnuts from Pip’s

Pip’s is famous for their ah-mazing chai and the cutest doughnuts you’ll ever see. Get one of each flavor and have a fun morning taste testing all of them!


Photo Credit: Pips Doughnuts

11AM Shopping at Fat Fancy & Red Fox Vintage

If you love playing dress up with your boo these are the best places to go! With options for all sizes and styles, you are guaranteed to find something absolutely fabulous.


Photo Credit: Red Fox Fancy

1PM Lunch at Cheese & Crack

Do you love cheese? Have you experienced Froze? Do you love a beautifully displayed plate? If you are answering yes to any of these, do yourself a favor and go to cheese and crack for a lunch experience with your lover. Grab a tray of cheese and drink too many glasses of wine for a casual lunch date.


Photo Credit: Cheese and Crack

2:30 Games at Wunderland on Belmont, and a movie matinee at the Avalon

Laser tag, games, and movies? What more could one ask for! Get your competitive side on…and winner buys drinks?


Photo Credit: Portland Daily Photo

6PM Drinks at Angel Face

Angel Face has stellar drinks and the atmosphere boasts details that will keep your eyes intrigued, that is, when you’re not staring deep into your hunny’s.


Photo Credit: Angelface

7PM Dinner at the Doug Fir

Not only does this place boast great food, but you can catch a show too! Check out their website before you go to see what shows are playing!


Photo Credit: Doug Fir

8:30 Dessert at Rimsky’s

Known for their extravagant desserts, Rimsky’s boasts a a fun atmosphere and some quirks! Check out the attached article for all the details!

Now you have no excuses for why you and your person can’t get some one-on-one intentional time together. Remember dates are meant to provide time to focus on just you and your significant other, reminding you why you fell for them in the first place! Happy dating!

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